Samagra Shiksha - intimation about the role and responsibilities of district admins for the NISHTHA training programme in Tamilnadu - Regarding .

Samagra Shiksha - தமிழ்நாட்டில் NISHTHA பயிற்சித் திட்டத்திற்கான மாவட்ட நிர்வாகிகளின் பங்கு மற்றும் பொறுப்புகள் பற்றிய தகவல் - குறித்து.
vetter from CIET F . No . 3 - 108 / 2019 - 20 / DICT/CIET dated : 3 . 12 . 19 Ref :
NISHTHA is an integrated teacher training which aims to train all Government Elementary teachers during 2019 - 20 . In this regard a NISHTHA web portal ( nishtha . ncert . gov . in ) has been created and the training reports are updated in it by all the district admins . Now with reference to the letter citied above from Central Institute of Educational Technology , NCERT it has been intimated about the roles and responsibilities of the district admins to be followed during the NISHTHA training . The block level training is being conducted successfully in all the districts with the support of district admins .

The points to be laid emphasize to the district admins are