Bank timings likely to change – Govt proposes three time slots for all National and Regional Rural Banks

In the era of fast growing phase of digital transactions, dependency on bank has reduced. But there are still many things due to which you have to go to the branch. If you too often go to your bank branch, then you need to know
that the banking division of the finance ministry has decided to change the time of state-run banks.
Normally, the functioning of public sector banks starts at 10 am. In such a situation, the banking division of the Finance Ministry has decided to open Rural and government banks at 9 am.
In order to unify the opening time of the banks, the banking division of the Finance Ministry had held a meeting in June through video conferencing. It was decided in this meeting that the functioning of banks should be done according to the convenience of the customers. For this, approval was given to change the timings of the banks.
The Indian Bank Association (IBA), in the meeting gave three options for opening timings of the bank branch.
The first option was to open banks from 9 am to 3 pm, second option was from 10 am to 4 pm and the third option was from 11 am to 5 pm. The IBA asked the banks to make a decision about banking time by meeting the district level customer coordination committee by 31 August and also inform about it in the local newspaper.
This decision made by the banking division will apply to all government and regional rural banks (RRBs). Officials say that the new timings of the bank is expected to be implemented from September.
Source: indiatvnews