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Saturday, May 9, 2020

வீட்டில் இருக்கும் குழந்தைகளுக்கான Kids Spelling Learning App

1.  Thirty-six spelling categories are included.
2.  Learning Alphabets spellings.
3.  Learning Animals spellings.
4.  Learning Fruits spellings.
5.  Learning Vegetables spellings.
6.  Learning Body Parts spellings.
7.  Learning Sight Words spellings.
8.  Learning Numbers spellings.
9.  Learning Flowers spellings.
10. Learning Birds spellings
11. 100 Sight words are included.
12. Learning Transportation spellings.
13. Learning Months spellings.
14. Learning Days spellings.
15. Learning Shapes spellings.
16. Learning Colors spellings.
17. Learning Domestic Animals spellings.
18. Learning Three letters words spellings.
19. Learning Four letters words spellings.
20. Learning Five letters words spellings.
21. Learning Six letters words spellings.
22. Learning Doctor and Hospital spellings.
23. Learning Kitchen spellings.
24. Learning Planets and Space spellings.
25. Learning Computer parts spellings.
26. Learning Office items spellings.
27. Learning Living Room items spellings.
28. Learning Bathroom Items spellings.
29. Learning School Items spellings.
30. Learning Professions spellings.
31. Learning Indoor Activities spellings.
32. Learning Outdoor Activities spellings.
33. Learning Water Animals spellings.
34. Learning Food Items spellings.
35. Learning Countries spellings.
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