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Monday, February 3, 2020

அனைத்து தொடக்க/நடுநிலை/உயர்நிலை/மேல்நிலைப் பள்ளிகளில் Youth & Eco Club ஏற்படுத்த நிதி ஒதுக்கீடு செய்து SPD ஆணை- Proceedings

Youth Clubs in School:
Youth clubs in schools are an instrument to develop life skills, build self-esteem, develop self-confidence and resilience and counter negative emotions of stress, shame and fear. Youth clubs in schools after school hours are an instrument to develop student skills other than academic abilities in different areas. Students can excel in their skills as per their choice and abilities in the clubs. The learning enhances their capability to combat the challenges in their future life.
The learning of children along with peer group provides fun and also makes a positive impact on their local community and the world.
The diversity among children in terms of urban, rural, caste, class, religion, region, language, cultural beliefs, disability, gender, sexual orientation need to be appreciated.
Children need to be trusted, appreciated and respected.
School is a place for identifying and nurturing the inherent talents in children.
Activities will empower learners through participatory, process-oriented, non-judgmental approaches.
Children will be provided opportunities to think critically and solve problems logically.
Activities will enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of learners.
Learners need to be provided an open, non-threatening and conducive environment.
Involvement of all stakeholders, particularly teachers, parents and community is crucial. They should be sensitized to the needs and concerns of children and young people so as to respond to them in positive ways.
It will lead to better utilization of school infrastructure and other facilities such as play ground, library, sports equipments etc.
The students can participate in activities such as debates, music, arts, sports, reading, physical activities after school hours and during vacation. These would help in utilising the ideal school infrastructure particularly playing fields, sports equipment and libraries which interned will help the students to develop hobbies, skills and interest they might not otherwise be able to explore.
The school principal will in-charge of Youth & Eco Club. One teacher will be assigned as a nodal person on rotation basis, who would stay back after school hours to facilitate the club activities.
Eco-Clubs in school :

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