Good morning children.
  Good afternoon children.
  Good evening children.
  How are you children?
  We are fine. thank you sir.
  How are you sir?
  I am also fine thank you.
  What day is it today?
  What is the date today?


  Please listen to me now I am going to call your names.
  Now I will take your attendance.
  OK. Listen while call your names.
  Say your names for attendance.
  Let me take your attendance.
  Answer your attendance.
  Ravi, can you give me your attendance.
  Were you present yesterday?
  Is Rani absent today?
  Where are Padma and Ravi?
  Look here

  Come to the blackboard.
  Write your name on the blackboard.
  Write the date on the blackboard.
  Open the door.
  Shut the window.
  Close the door.
  Go back to your seat.
  Please listen to me carefully.
  Come forward.
  Sit in the first row.
  Stand up.
  Bring me a piece of chalk.
  Please turn on the fan.
  Please turn off the fan.
  Can any one rub the black board?
  Form in a group.
  Come and sit Besides Ravi.
  Move a little bit.
  Don’t move.


  Listen, don’t say anything.
  Don’t make a noise.
  Please keep quite.
  Look here.
  Look at the blackboard.
  Please listen to me carefully.
  Stop talking.
  Will you stop talking?
  Write with a pencil/pen.
  Avoid eating in the class.
  Come and sit here.
  Stand up.
  Raise your hand.
  Stop doing that.
  Get out.
  Wait outside.
  Don’t say like that.
  Stay here.
  Go back.
  Shut your mouth first.
  I will tell your parents/H.M.
  Just listen.
  Stretch your hand.
  Come to me.
  Listen what I say.
  Be silent.
  Talk politely.
  Don’t wander in the veranda.
  Come here.
  Go to the play ground.
  Please pay your attention.
  Stand in a line.
  Give her some space.
  Don’t call her by her name.
  Don’t see badly.

  Don’t say badly.
  Do your work.
  Don’t give us disturbance.
  Don’t come late to school.
  Observe carefully.
  Try to come in time.
  Don’t be silly in the class.
  Go silently.
  Who is making a noise?
  What are you doing in the last?
  What are you eating in the class?
  Rani, are you sleeping in the class?
  Don’t you do homework in class?
  You must come to school before.
  You mustn’t come late.
  Why are you late?
  Come in.
  Get in.
  Come inside.
  Go to your class room.

 What did I say yesterday?
 Where did we stop the lesson yesterday?
 Who can say what I did yesterday?
  Who knows it?
  Can anyone read what I have written in the blackboard?
  Have brought your workbooks?
 Can anyone say what I did yesterday?
  What Ravi, what happened to you?
  What happened to you?
  In the morning class, I told you a story now I would like to continue.
  Now I am going to draw some thing on the blackboard.
  Watch it carefully.
  Have you done the homework?
  Show me your home work one by one.
  Why haven’t you done your homework?
  Ravi, come here write the date on the blackboard.
  Show me your copy writing notebook.
  Take out your notebooks.
  Open your workbook page no.14.
  We discussed it yesterday.

6. While teaching the lesson:
  Can you see the picture?
  Can anyone answer this question?
  Have you understood it?
  Can I clean the blackboard?
  Can you give me an example?
  What is the picture of?
  What I mean……….
  At what time……….
  Which one …………..
  What am I telling is?
  Let me say first.
  Which ever is less ...
  Which ever is more.....
  What ever it may be.
  As for my knowledge.
  In other words.
  In the mean while.
  In the mean time.
  Now we are going to read these words.
  It's very important.

  Has the bell rung?
  Has the bell gone?
  Read aloud.

Read silently.
  Write quickly.
  Please say it again.
  Say it aloud after me.
  Don’t say it after me.
  Come and meet me after the class.
  Say answers this/these question/questions.
  Is it very clear?
  Is there any more doubt?
  Don’t say in group together.
  Follow me.
  Write down.
  Take down.
  Don’t write, listen to me.
  Go and blow your nose.
  Underline the words with the pencil.
  Tell me what happened actually.
  It’s.... it is.
  Let us begin.

7. Ending the lesson:
  Take this as homework.
  Do your homework at home.
  Let us stop the lesson here.
  Listen to me, you have a class tomorrow.
  You will be here by 8 am tomorrow.
 Time is up, close your books, you may go home.
8. At the examination hall:
  Don’t disperse the answers.
  Don’t exchange answers. / Take out cheat sheets if any.
  Write quickly.
  Stop writing.
  Sit right.
  Tie your papers then write.
  Time is up.
  Check your mistakes.
  Please write your register number in the box given.
  Please write your name on your answer sheet.
  Write the question number in the margin.
  Try to write bold letters.
  Keep your papers on the table.
  Don’t peep on others papers while writing exam.
  Give back your answer papers.
  Think before you write.
  Don’t fold your answer sheets.
  Does anybody want additional sheets?
  Now I am closing  giving additional sheets.
  Stop writing.
  Don’t write here.
  Read instructions before writing.
  You, first go through the question paper.
  If you have any cheat slips, give to me.
  Don’t copy from others.

9.At the prayer Assembly:
  Those who came late, stay here.
  Those who are not in uniform stay here.
  After disperse of the prayer go to your class rooms in a line.
  This is Mr.Ravi would like to say a few words about the significance of
teachers day.
  I would like to say a good quotation.
  Form in a line in class wise.
  Here is an important announcement, please listen to me carefully.
  All of you go to your classes in a line after the prayer.
  Be silent.

10. While conducting special occasions:
  All of you sit calmly. sweets will be distributed.
  Come forward
  While meeting is going on, don’t make a noise.
  ....(name) come up  the stage and sing a song.
  Please give him a big hand.
  The first prize goes to(name)i,come forward and receive your prize.
  I request our honorable H.M to address this occasion.
  Its my pleasure and privilege on this happy occasion.
  I am very happy to be associated with all of you.
  Let me take leave of you.
  Thank you one and all.